The City Beautiful


When I went to Orlando, Florida for the first time I went to Disney World. Disney World was really fun because I got to go to all the Disney parks, eat at the Disney restaurants, and I went to the Disney stores. The Disney parks were really enjoyable because I could ride all of the rides because I was tall enough. Also, the Disney restaurants had a lot of delicious foods. The Disney stores had a lot of magnificent items you could buy.

When I went to Orlando the second time I had a softball tournament there. I played at the ESPN fields. This time I didn’t go to Disney World, but I went to Sea World. My team and I got fourth place. All the teams there were from the U.S. I also went swimming at waterparks

I loved going to Orlando because of all the fun activities I did. I loved going to Disney World, going to waterparks, and getting fourth place in the USSSA World Series. I wish I could go there again.

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